As Transpersonal psychotherapist…   and Transpersonal painter,

Jaimie Cahlil’s work is about TRANSFORMATION

Jaimie Cahlil: born in Oxford UK, 1954

Jaimie Cahlil’s art is particularly original – in the obvious sense. His art does not closely resemble the work of anyone else, therefore tends not to fit any obvious category. And though his paintings are ‘contemporary’ – created now in the present time, his pictures have a timeless presence. Some of Jaimie Cahlil’s paintings may be viewed as ‘abstract’, though Jaimie himself would not necessarily consider them so… because, whether or not figurative, each picture conveys the essence of experience, as well as universal pattern – such as found in the ancient mandala. Jaimie Cahlil’s paintings speak directly to our soul, and convey a profoundly transformative or alchemical effect. As such, his pictures may be considered ‘intuitive’, ‘spiritual’ or ‘visionary’. However, Jaimie Cahlil’s paintings have much too down-to-earth a presence to comfortably fit in with most ‘spiritual’ or ‘visionary’ art out there. And whether his paintings ‘fit’ or not, Jaimie Cahlil’s art is ‘fine art’ – in the classical sense, composed with the aid of draftsmanship and painterly skill. With a natural eye and feeling for visual expression, and inspired by many books on fine art in his father’s collection, it was when Jaimie was six that he asked his father to teach him to draw. Later on, age 16, he gained acceptance for art school on the strength of his drawings alone. Jamie Cahlil then enjoyed three years’ training in classical fine art – drawing and painting – at Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford (UK).