Are you a visual artist making pictures in a *transpersonal way?

Fire Bird Rising © Jaimie Cahlil

Fire Bird Rising © Jaimie Cahlil
unframed 50 x 50 cms (19½“x 19½”)

Essence © Jaimie Cahlil

Essence © Jaimie Cahlil
in frame: 65 x 65cms (25½“ x 25½“)

Loved into Life – © Jaimie Cahlil

Jaimie Cahlil: Gallery Wall – November 2013 photograph © Jon Lewis


At seventeen, I trained at Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art, (1972-75). In my middle years, I began practicing meditation & mindful-playfulness. In slightly later years, I trained in transpersonal psychotherapy…

I draw deeply from meditation and mindfulness practice. This has naturally shaped both my art and my therapy work. The ancient mandala is assuming an increasing presence in my paintings. A while ago I came to recognise in the mandala, ancient visual aid to meditation, what I call ‘essential pattern’: dot within circle, pupil within iris, core within apple. For me, the basic mandala pattern symbolises creative potential & manifestation, or essence & expression. MANDALA-BEING: in parallel, I notice how our own deep ‘centre’ within our being gives rise to soulful self-expression. This is reflected in many of my paintings. (See paintings above.)

In my 2012 exhibitions, I began referring to my paintings as ‘transpersonal’. Then I discovered ‘Transpersonal Art’ already existed as an art movement… when this search term found me a book called ‘Transpersonal Art: The paintings of Monika von Moltke’. Next, coming across the European Transpersonal Association website (, I discovered that Transpersonal Art was named so in the 1960s. This fired me with the determination to revive and develop this genre. Consequently I’m now searching for ‘transpersonal’ artists worldwide – for whom transformative soulful spirituality is the *intended experiential essence of our work. My intention is to invite such artists to present Transpersonal Art to the 21st century art world.

To whosoever may visit my exhibition of Transpersonal Paintings (all November – Oxford Central Library – Gallery Wall, 2nd Floor – Oxford), my suggestion is to simply EXPERIENCE… pausing in front of whichever picture calls you… and be curious… noticing emotional, intuitive, or subtle body-felt responses…

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