Warrior of Truth and Compassion © Jaimie Cahlil

Warrior of Truth and Compassion
© Jaimie Cahlil

Loved into Life © Jamie Cahlil

Loved into Life
© Jamie Cahlil


“As artist… and transpersonal psychotherapist, my work is about TRANSFORMATION” – Jaimie Cahlil

Through my paintings one of my intentions is to convey the timeless quality of moments of awakening from this ‘waking dream’ – this life we share. Each impression or image is recognised somewhere within, by our heart-and-mind and our ‘universal unconscious’ (C.G. Jung). In essence, symbolic images are common to us all, to be understood consciously, and subconsciously – or intuitively – on profoundly subtle levels. For example: you may notice in my pictures universal symbols and ‘archetypes’ – such as the presence of light in various forms, together with archways, stairs, paths, jug and bowl, spear and paintbrush, expressive hands, hints of rainbows, the elements of earth, water, fire and air… and such ‘archetypes’ as the worldly-wise elder, the mother or father, and the fresh awakefulness of the child.

The language of SYMBOL is understood through sensing the nature of each image. For example, what is the nature of a bowl? To contain what is given and received.  Therefore a bowl may simultaneously symbolise the process of giving and receiving.  Stairs and steps? These provide a means by which we ascend or descend. Also, stairs, steps, paths, rivers, etc, are expressive of both our aspirations and of the depths of our soul’s search, representing directions we may take on our personal journey.  As for the symbolism of light, as I experience and therefore understand this phenomenon, this represents creative essence – continually present.

I offer these pictures, knowing that whatever moves me may also move you. I feel it’s true that anything any one of us offers one another with LOVE is profoundly transformational. …I thank all those of you who, over these many years, have conveyed to me your appreciation.