Review in Oxford Mail

REVIEW in OXFORD MAIL – 29 December 2012


An Oxford artist has accidentally become the latest proponent of an obscure European art movement.

Therapist and painter, Jaimie Cahlil, above, from Headington, is a Transpersonal artist, a style inspired by his therapy technique.

He says transpersonal therapy involves transcending the limits of the self and feeling connected to a larger more meaningful reality.

Mr Cahlil says that he created his own painting style, before discovering that other artists in Europe were already using the term for their style.

His unique paintings are also on display this month at the Oxford library until January 4.

Mr Cahlil, 58, said: “I would say, come along to the exhibition and have the experience.

“It is a quiet space, and you must allow yourself to be drawn to whatever pictures draw you to them.

“Then you do what you never do – take your time and be still, and then you will have a transpersonal experience.”

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